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The Bitcoin wallet is the first thing you’ll need to set up if you want to purchase and trade with Bitcoin. Although terms like 'coin' and 'wallet' are connected to cash and traditional banking, these terms have quite different meanings.

Your wallet is the place where your unique ID is stored in the form of a secure Blockchain sequence. This is used to identify yourself to a cryptocurrency exchange or peer-to-peer system, and prove you are who you say you are. In the way your passport lets you enter other countries, your Bitcoin wallet lets you spend your Bitcoin.

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The easy way to join the cryptocurrency community


If you’re interested in Bitcoin, one easy way to join the community and begin your journey into the world of cryptocurrency is to become a member of The Bitcoin Institute.

By sending 0.01 BTC to our wallet you automatically become a member and we will publish the wallet address and corresponding Bitcoin value in a membership board. You’ll also receive an online certificate to certify you own whatever number of Bitcoins you buy.

It’s an easy way to get started.