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17-Year-Old Pleads Not Guilty to Twitter Hack as Defense Tries to Lower Bail From $725K

The 17-year-old charged with being the mastermind behind July\'s Twitter hack has pleaded not guilty; the defense says bail posted is \"grossly inappropriate\" to the amount of money stolen.
58 minutes ago 📌

Blockchain Bites: Square’s Revenue Surge, Eth 2’s Final Testnet, c-Lightning’s Latest Update

Square’s Bitcoin revenues increased 600% year-over-year and a blockchain-based voting system in Russia may have been hacked.
2 hours ago 📌

Republic Cuts Through SEC Red Tape to Raise $16M via Security Token Sale

Under a pair of SEC regulations, crowd-equity platform Republic has raised $16 million through the sale of its Republic Note security token.
2 hours ago 📌

Bitcoin News Roundup for Aug. 5, 2020

With BTC pushing towards $12,000 and gold at record highs, CoinDesk\'s Markets Daily is back for your crypto news roundup!
2 hours ago 📌

Why Ukraine Is Ripe for Cryptocurrency Adoption

A relatively unstable state – with a technically sophisticated population – creates a fertile ground for crypto adoption.
3 hours ago 📌

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