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Bitcoin Option Traders Now Betting on Short-Term Price Drop

With bitcoin looking heavy this week, short-term sentiment in the options market has flipped bearish.
29 minutes ago 📌

Microsoft Partners with Waves to Tokenize Industrial Assets

The five year agreement will see Microsoft and Waves collaborate on a possible asset tokenization platform for company equipment.
1 hour ago 📌

Zcash Latest Hard Fork ‘Heartwood’ Makes Mining Private

Privacy coin Zcash has successfully hard forked at block height 903,000 in a planned network update known as “Heartwood.”
1 hour ago 📌

$1.4B in ‘High-Risk’ Crypto Flowed Onto Exchanges in H1 2020, Analysis Firm Says

China-based blockchain analysis firm PeckShield tracked 100 million crypto addresses for its research.
1 hour ago 📌

OKCoin Joins Coinbase in Supplying Oracle Feed for DeFi Project Compound

OKCoin says its regulated status and liquidity mean users will be able to trust that its data feed will be accurate and reliable.
2 hours ago 📌

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